Saturday, February 23, 2013

Latest Mens Hair Styles

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Fall Fashion Guide for Business Women

If you are a fashion or style freak, then the fall season is the right time to go out, pick your choice, and transform your overall appearance. Each year, different changes are made in the fashion industry that you should adopt in order to stay updated. From time to time, styles and preferences of professional women keep changing. This fall season, the vibes are going back to basics. If you are a working woman and planning to update your look, then here are some easy tips to follow this season:

Play with Colors

This fall you can play with color combinations. Black and white combinations are the ones that never really go out of fashion. You can always use these combinations and look breathtakingly gorgeous as always. You can also make combinations of any of these hues with your favorite colors. The basic natural colors will also work well. Make a color choice according to what complements you the best. Moreover, all the bright colors are out there for you, so go ahead and choose your favorite ones. Autumn season is always a great time for all women to transform their look. Additionally, fall is also the right time to prepare for the New Year which is just about to come. This season, try to present yourself in a more stylish and smart way. As, this is the time when fashion is really booming up and striking markets, magazines and streets.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Latest Fashion Trends in Unique Handbags and Purses

If you’re looking for something a little different, there are literally thousands of beautifully crafted unique handbags and purses available for purchase online. If you’re tired of the mass-produced offerings you tend to find at the mall, the online handbag, purse and fashion accessory market is an exciting and exotic new world.

The variety of unique handbag and purse designs keeps getting bigger, better and more innovative all the time, but as with every kind of fashion accessory, interesting trends emerge with every new season. Here is a brief rundown of what’s coming in unique purses and handbags in 2006. 

Cloth Purses

Cloth purses are very casual fashion items, so colorful fabrics and whimsical patterns are the strongest trend. If you love bold colors and striking contrasts you’ll have a great time shopping for cloth purses this season.

Styles With Toe Nail Polishing

There’s a reason that nails and decorations for nails are always popular—no matter the economic climate or the job you hold, almost everyone can afford nail polish or nail decals.  Nails and nail polish have taken a major piece of the spotlight in recent seasons with more attention being paid to nail trends emerging from the runways than ever before.  This fall, there are a few trends on nails that you will definitely see more than once.

 Glitter nail. This indicates this specific pattern can make spring up in nearly all season although here's it again this specific tumble. These times however, it’s quite a bit less basic because simply slicking with a glitter nail bed polish and also going out your door—though which can be done way too! This season with all your glitter fingernails or toenails, go for a lot more precious metal and also mirrored is done with all your polish. This gives the ultimate seem and also consistency something somewhat completely different from the conventional glitter mani. Glitter glue certainly not your current factor? Try bejeweling your current fingernails or toenails using add-ons or perhaps graphics with an supreme glitter affirmation!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Fashion Styles For Men

Completely new Trend Designs With regard to Men: Typical dresses fashion for men. brand-new style men.

New Fashion Styles For Men

New Fashion Styles For Men

New Fashion Styles For Men

New Fashion Styles For Men

New Fashion Styles For Men

Indulge in My Vintage Jewelbox handmade jewellery

Using top-quality raw materials like silver, gold and natural gems combined with traditional jewellery craftsmanship, Singapore artisan jeweller Lauryn Tan creates intricate accessories with a vintage feel.

“Inspired by nature and all things vintage, my jewelry breaks away from conventional styles to emerge in organic forms and hand-forged textures,” says Lauryn. “My love for nature has also influenced my choice of colors and gems – bending towards lively yet timeless colors and incorporating raw natural gems.”

This “natural” style is particularly obvious in pieces like the Branch ring and Pod earrings, which look almost like real objects from nature, especially with the delicate green gemstones attached.

“[I] guess you can say I was a closet-creative for quite awhile before finally deciding to do this full-time,” explains Lauryn. “Having worked in the corporate world for over 10 years, the wake-up call came when I was retrenched.

“Mix that together with finding my mum's loose jade pieces, reading Robin Sharma's The Monk who sold his Ferrari, and stumbling upon a ring-making workshop, next thing I know, I finally found what some call a 'life's calling'. That was in 2009.”